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Thursday, April 29, 2010

More crazy quilt blocks

Sorry this didn't show up the way I planned each point is on the photos in order. if you click on the pink it will take you to the corresponding photo. Blogger is a pain sometimes...

1.This is a spray that I thought it could use some lace flowers.the colour in the photo is a bit off. They are a little pinker.

3.I love this fabric it is not a recent print of the fairies it is from the 90's. I wish I had more...
4.I love vines. like I said the colours are off today is a really glum day here. They are more peachy.
5.This is Hunter. Also known as poopy, poop machine, fur man, and snooky. He is 10 and very stubborn. When he is mad at us he craps on the deck then he is known as the damn dog. We love him any way.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What beautiful work. I love the way you work with laces. That is always the hardest part for me, knowing what to put on the lace. I remember that fairy fabric. I think it's what my best friend used to make the baby quilt for her first granddaughter.