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Monday, December 15, 2008

I should have done this long ago

I should have Blogged about the prize I won a while back from needle and thread a blog by Mary Corbet. The August Stash Give Away arrived when I was really ill and it gave me some reading material. It is very nice stuff. The A-Z Embroidery book is really detailed and easy to follow. Good health was returned to me and The parcel was miss placed in the shuffling of my home.

I moved my sewing room into my sons room. Trading for the 2nd best room in the house really was a big job. The light and size makes the room. The master broom is the only one that is better and now that I have had my sewing room in every other room in the house my kids tease me that dad feels threatened from the potential lose of his/our room.

Any how I went on a hunt and tracked down the book once again and found it in a drawer in my bedroom. I want you to see the wonderful threads they are so soft and nice. I think I may start a project in thos colors soon.
This ribbon is sooo special. When my sister was small my mother used some ribbon similar to this to trim her dress at the neck line. Mary has her own story to tell about it here. I feel really blessed to have recieved some and am dreaming up how I will use it.

Thank you to Mary I really do apreiciate the stash booster and the ribbon is sublime.

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