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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Simple Sane Quilts and Goslings

It is funny how if you collect things that you like eventually you have enough to do a project out of them. I made two small quilts lap or baby recently. One has a girly theme and the other a tom boy theme. I received this fairy 6" charm in a swap and went searching for things to go with it. This is what I came up with. I really like the simplicity of a 4x5 -6" block quilt so I made two.
I bought some bug fabric at a garage sale and went in search:

And this is what I came up with.

This fabric was a piece left over from my oldest son's crib sheets. (ds is 16 now boy I keep stuff a long time. But I think this proves that it is a good strategy as it suits the quilt.)
The face square was also from a swap. I found the pig rushing home and remembered the three little pigs and thought it would fit in a fairy quilt
I don't Know how these guys got in here but their too cute to cut out. DH took this photo I was to chicken to be chased by their parents to get this close.
I had a scrap of this left over from another project and thought what kid wouldn't like a kitty or two on their bed.
I also thought the butterflies were nice but not too girly in these colours
There was also a pair of owls on the tomboy quilt. I love these quilts so much I think I want to make a wall hanging from the owl one as I have yet to quilt it. The Fairy one, I use to cuddle under at the TV. I think one day I just may have a little gd or some special little one or two that I could let them go to. But after all DS1 is only 16, I Shouldn't get ahead of myself. However like the little bunny fabric things do eventually find a nice place if I keep them until they are useful.

1 comment:

morvoren said...

What a beautiful idea to use these pretty wonderful fabrics like this.
I love pretty very much..maybe I could try making something similar with a few fabrics I have here..although I expect I shall have to buy a rotery cutter ( never done this type quilting/patchwork before)for neetmess..unless Im verrrrryy careful lol!!!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing of your lovely talents.
Hugs Pam