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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saskatchewan Sunsets Big Sky Country

I am learning how to do panaramic photos on my Camera. What a great subject. Today was a beautiful fall day.

This scene is about 5 minutes south of Saskatoon.

I just love the way the light makes the clouds so beautiful. Isn't God amazing. It is said that prairie boys made great sailors. They thought that it was because of the rolling Fields of wheat. I believe that it was the endless spans of sky. I really notice the difference when I visit the mountains or go north to the forest where I grew up.
The sunsets are my trade off for putting up with the wind when there is no forest to block it. Among other things...


Jane said...

Wow, what beauty you were able to capture with your camera! God is a great painter isn't He ??

crazyqsis said...

Yes he is.