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Monday, September 10, 2007

Garage Sale finds

I found this lovely painting after a day of garage saling I only had two dollars so I cautiously offered it to the gentleman. HE took it. It made me so happy. I just love the little cottage in the woods. and when you turn it over you see this lovely mountain scene. I have searched high and low on the internet and cant find any thing about the artist. I am sure it is an oil painting and that it is on some form of cardboard. I believe that the mountain was painted first and then she needed a board so she ripped off the brown paper and used the back. I wish there was some way to seperate the two as I really like both sides.

The artist's Name is Edith W. Slack. It is signed on the cabin side. The other side is not signed that makes me think that it may not have been painted by her???? Then Who? and Who is Edith W Slack?

If anyone reading this has any clue how to find out answers to these questions please do tell. I may have to wait until the antique roadshow come to my area. oh what fun it would be.

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