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Monday, August 10, 2009

My Rant about Moms at pools

My husband and I go to our local pool quite often and the Pool provides Mats for Children to float on. Lovely it is fun to float great... what I hate is when the shoot the mat off and hit people in the back of the neck right at C4.
A mom was with three children in the deep end and she had no consideration for any one not even an older gentleman that had a physical disability. She and her heard floated down to where we were and before I knew it Her son jumped off his mat and it hit me in the back of the neck. I said that hurt and my husband looked at the kid and said don't let that happen again.
The Mom said freaked out and said he is only a child and told him to tell the lifeguard if any one talks to you like that.

My husband tried to tell her that you can really hurt someone like that and he works with spinal victims. She said you shouldn't come to public swimming then.

I cant believe that she didn't then take her children away from my husband if she felt offended and I and that she didn't even think to teach her child that when you hurt someone you need to try to make it right like say sorry .

To make matters worse her other lovey little angel hit me a couple of minutes later.

I wish people in this world would realize the world doesn't revolve around you and your little brats. Public swimming Means Public and you look out for others as you share the pool. Not Kid you can go wild cause I cant and wont control your behavior swim.

Okay I had my rant...

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piney cq said...

I truly hope YOU are ok. Having had two cervical fusions I understand. As much as I dislike the litigiousness of our society... that is a prime example of a need to do so. What if you became disabled, impaired, quadraplegic..or any other myriad of horrible spectors? The only way some of these people seem to understand is to directly affect them in a very dramatic way. Sad really. It certainly is part of what is wrong with this world. Take care of YOU!