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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brandie's Brazilian Embroidery Video

Here is a run down on what is on the video:
Hoop and thread tips; Basic stitches; Leaves; Bullions/pistils/Lazy Daisies Cast on Stitch/double cast on stitch/double caston stitch 2 needles/detatched buttonholes/chainstich/ padded saver stitch/satin stitch blanked /satin stitch;

Geron Daisy and Bud/ Calyx/Cast on flower and bud/Maria's Rose and bud/Rolled Rose and Bud/Peach blossom and bud/ Lazy Daisy and Bud/ Calyx on flowers/ Fushasia and Bud/Japanese Violet and bud/Boucle Rose and bud. There is also some pdf files that describe other flowers and diagrams 80 pages worth.

It is really clear and has tips that really help.
Other places carry it But dont beat her price especially if you live in the great white north.

You can order it from Brandie here:

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Sharon said...

Melisa the link only will let you see a page there is nowhere to go after that...Can you help