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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Crappy Cold/ Allergies

Fall again and a beautiful one at that. The weather has just been wonderful. Today it is raining but yesterday I was wearing shorts and a tank top. The Weather Man says that its the end of summer now though... I have been really quite ill the month of September (and still am a little). There was a time when I could barely move I was not sleeping more than an hour at a time and then I needed to be propt up so I didnt drowned in the crap that drips down the back of your throat.. okay I am getting gross here. I am hoping that the rain knocks what ever I am reacting to out of the air and then I can actually feel up to snuff again. I am going to try to post a few entries today and this week I know how can you trust me cause I post so spiratically for this I am truely sorry.. I know sour grapes oh well if you come back I do appreiciate you and your coments.

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