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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Clutter and Stuff

I watched Oprah today and dicovered what was making me fat... It is all the crap I have acumulated over the years. I also thought about my children and felt like I was causing them to gain weight too. You see my oldest son moved into his brother's room several years ago when ds#2 was having some issues. having someone to talk with in the night really helped resolve them. I moved my sewing room into older son's room partially well mostly.

Then my older son hit puberty and I wanted (and he wanted) ds#1 to have his own room. So he moved into my old sewing room. He has been in it 4 years and I have not removed all my stuff from it. Today I emptied his closet of yarn, dresses for salvage, porcelean dolls, his suits from when he was 2, 4, and 6 and bolts of ulpohostry fabric, foam for I don't know what and icecream pails. I also descovered he was opening the closet and throwing stuff in, like almost empty pop bottles, broken bits of old video game controls and a miriaid of other worthless crap.

So I did the hokey pokey and took it all out. Then I helped him take over the closet, Hanging his tops and bunny hugs (as I call hoodies that really puts me in the prairies). It now looks pretty good and I feel better and I believe that he does too. We'll see how he manages. I will see how I manage to get all the stuff I had in there put away. I took a black garbage bag and three grocery bags stuffed full of clothes and a bunch of other stuff to the sally ann bin. I feel 100 lbs lighter already... thank you Oprah.

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