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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why I Have Not Posted in a While

For the last two weeks I have been quite ill. I am trying to tidy my sewing room when I have the stength and feel rested enough. I will post some photos whe I finish the job. I really should have taken before shots. I dont think that I would have posted them though as I couldn't handle the embarasment.

It has been as cold as 54 degrees C with wind chill. I am glad we have a garage for my car. My hubby's has to be out so he needs to plug it in to keep the block warm enough to start. I had a friend who took photos of a Canadian winter scene to some where hot maybe India or Africa(she traveled alot in the 1970-80's) and the photo had cars under a layer of snow and plugged in. The people who saw this asked if we had a sand storm and electric cars in Canada. They were amazed by the idea of snow and cold. Before this cold snap we had a blizzard and recived several inches of snow. I am just glad that my hubby and boys got out and shovelled before it got so cold that you freeze your skin in under a minute. Well that is enough of me complaining for now.. you see now why I haven't been posting......

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Vivian said...

You must have been in the same deep freeze we had in Canmore!
I've just retired and I'm working on cleaning out closets that have been neglected for years. We really do accumulate a lot of 'stuff'.
Nice hand work on the crazyquilting!