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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wilderness Tour Company Paws'nPaddles

My brother and sister-in-law Live near Lac La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. They take people on dog sled tours in the winter and canoe trips in the summer.

They are very experienced in wilderness camping both in the summer and winter. Miriam and Quincy have raced in the artic in the Quest for the Bay Race from Churchill Manitoba to Arviat Nunavut and many other local races. They have many interesting stories and a great deal of knowledge to share.

Having grown up in Saskatchewan's North I have to say that it truely is beautiful. There is nothing like slipping a canoe into the water and paddleing though the rivers and lakes or gliding along through the snow in a boreal forest the way fur traders did in the past. Some of the trips offered are on the very rivers the fur traders traveled.

The wild life and the scenery are a photographer's dream come true as you can see from my unpracticed snap shots of Weyakwin Lake. This is where Quincy my sisters and I grew up. Since then He has moved 100 kms further north to La Ronge.

When the sun sets on clear nights, especially in the winter you will be amazed by the dazzling displays of the nothern lights.

And for those of you who cq you will probably have to pass through my city to get there and I would be happy to meet you and show you my city's attractions and of course hit the quilt shop and Talk Crazy.

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Gerry said...

What a beautiful place. How relaxing and peaceful it looks. Truly and ideal get away spot.